Vons shopping (savings) trip on 2/22/16

Today I went to Vons and saved more than what I spent, and I only used five coupons.  I used one that was from the Vons ad which gave me $5.00 off purchase of $50.00 or more, two $1.00 off cereal, and two $.50 cents off enchilada sauce.   All the rest of the savings were from the sale with my Vons club card.

What I bought at Vons today

What I bought at Vons today

This would of cost $107.34 but with the Card Savings $54.71, Basket Savings $5.00, and the Paper Coupons $3.00 which is a total savings of $62.71 a 58% percent savings.  I only paid $44.63 I did have to get a rain check for the Birdseye steam fresh vegies they were on sale for $.99 cents each.

I know some people might cringe because I bought frozen burritos, cereal, and frosting, but there are times when they come in handy.  The cereal on the other hand is a necessity when you have an autistic daughter who doesn’t always eat what you make or is up in the middle of the night and wants something to eat and there is no one to  cook for her because we are asleep.  When you have children with special needs you learn very quickly that there are some battles worth fighting and some that are not.

With her we have come a long way since she finally got off the bottle at a little over two years old and would finally eat some things but would not use forks or spoons because she didn’t like the way they felt in her mouth.  She is now 20 turning 21 in April and I am still making her try new foods, yes I said making because if I don’t she would never try anything new, there are somethings work but a lot doesn’t.  I am grateful for every little victory when she likes a new food or just a new way a food she likes (like hamburger) is made.  In fact one of those victory’s came from a new recipe I tried from The Pioneer Woman “Salisbury Steak Meatballs”  it was really good.  I highly recommend it, you can find the recipe on her website thepioneerwoman.com she has a lot great recipes and other things on there so go check it out.

The Salisbury Steak Meatballs that I made sooooo good

The Salisbury Steak Meatballs that I made sooooo good

What recipes (if any) have you tried from Ree “The Pioneer Woman”?  Please leave a comment I’d love to know what you’ve tried.

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