Peppers Anyone?


I am the main cook in my family for better or worse.  Some days it’s worse, like the time I burned the chicken.  It was really crispy (black) on the outside and still a little moist on the inside.  My family not only ate it, but even said it was good (go figure).  That has not always been the case.  In all my  years of cooking I have only made a few things you couldn’t eat (not even the dog would eat it, so you know it was bad).

But that wasn’t the case when I made my stuff peppers last night. When I make my peppers they are never the same twice, even if I try to make them the same exact way.  The only thing I always use is the pepper (of course), hamburger and cheese.  I use what ever else I may have and even the cheese may not be the same kind that I used the time before.   They were so good even my picky eater Sonja ate the stuffing part of the pepper (she never eats the pepper itself).  I was very surprised I didn’t think she would eat it because it had hot Italian sausage and cilantro in it, but when I  cook  the sausage with the hamburger and add the other ingredients it wasn’t that hot anymore.  Of course there was some sour cream involved.

Ok I forgot to put the eggs I used to bind the stuffing in the first photo.  I browned the hamburger and the sausage with a little pink salt, garlic pepper and turmeric (of course I forgot to put those in the photo too).  While the meat was cooling I cut the end of the peppers off, took out the seeds and then rubbed them with extra virgin olive oil ( that’s in the brown container) to help soften the skin during cooking.  After the meat cooled I put it in a bowl and combined it with the panko, cilantro, cheese and eggs.  I then stuff the peppers put them in the oven at 350 degrees for 40 minutes.  I served them with a little (or a lot) of sour cream.  I must say this again they were sooooo good.

Do you like stuffed peppers?  If so what do you like to stuff them with?

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