Back to school for me. gave me a free course at the Shaw Academy and I chose Introduction to Web Design.  Today (10/17/16) was my first day.  I really enjoyed the class :), I learned so much.  Today was about notepad++ and HTML at least the basics.  I created my first page design, it was only a couple of lines but until today I couldn’t have even done that.  On Wednesday we will be learning more HTML and CCS, I can’t wait.

The last time I tried doing any type of computer programming was back when the dinosaurs   roamed the earth (lol) at least that’s what my kids would say.  Really it was when I was a teenager and it was before you had a personal computer at home.  I was also taught how to repair computers too, but they were still huge and mostly at banks and places like that.  Not long after that you could get them at home and I was still able to work on them.  Now it’s easier (and usually cheaper) to just buy a new computer than to fix the one you have.  Things have changed so much which was good for me.  I know that I am only learning how to design a web page with HTML and CCS and that’s the easier part of web design, but it has given me the confidence to go on to the next phase of java script and I’m not sure what the other part is called.

I’d forgotten how much I liked School.  I love to learn new things and this has been so up lifting for me, I can’t stop smiling.  If you have a chance to learn something new take it, enjoy it.

Have you taken (or are taking) any classes that make you smile? Please let me know so we can all smile together.

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Have a Blessed day,

Vickie (zebiesmom)

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